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1. What does an advertiser want? Sales, leads, brand awareness? What are the best metrics for measuring these? The primary role of an advertiser is to attract and increase a customer base so as to ultimately produce sales. Leads and brand awareness primarily serve as opportunities for product placement and/or services in front of potential consumer in an effort to influence their behavior. Generally, this influence sparks an interest in the product or service thus causing the consumer to view a webpage (awareness) or click on an advertisement (lead). A company will determine, based on its advertising budget, which method adds the most value to their business. Therefore, best metric for measuring sales would be to calculate the revenue…show more content…
Additionally, sales revenue generated from these advertisements directly affects the bottom-line and can govern the ultimate success of a company. It is for this reason that companies must consider the value added of the product while remaining sensitive to the needs and wants of the consumer. Per “Rethinking Marketing,” by Roland Bust et al., “The traditional marketing department must be reconfigured as a customer department that puts building customer relationships ahead of pushing specific products” (page 16). He also states, “At the individual customer level, the key metric is customer lifetime value,” as a company may have healthy sales, but poor prospects. Therefore, a successful business model will yield the desired result – reoccurring business from the same customer (behavior), while a poor business model will remain stagnate the growth of the consumer base. In relation to the case, MedNet viewers research symptoms when in a crisis and typically spend longer than usual surfing through medical information. These viewers breeze past the advertisements until find what they believe to be a better solution; making this the desired behavior. 3. What is the best argument Heather Yates can make to justify charging Windham Pharmaceuticals for impressions instead of click-throughs? Does she have acceptable alternatives? The

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