Medopolis Dialectical Journal

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Cendi's sharp eyes spotted the wayfarers despite their attempts to camouflage themselves, unfortunately they also spotted her and one of their number, a giant by the looks of it, stepped out into the open and pointed at her. A creature the likes of which Cendi had never seen before, bounded out of the trees and looked up at her, it was a mottled reddish color, with a round squat body, the head of the beast was wide and seemed to be mostly made up of an oversized mouth filled with triangle shaped teeth with serrated edges. Long, razor sharp claws adorned its front paws and most alarming of all was the four furry wings on its back, it leap into the air and flapped them furiously as it headed toward her.
The dragoness had little time to decide
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Her fellow sojourners had at first been leery of the pretty blonde human's odd companion, but by the time they were halfway to Meldopolis they had all become at ease with her hairy protector, as he had with them. Her parents had been dead-set against her plans to become an at-arms and Sir Jack, the lead knight in Minos, told her since she had no training whatsoever, she would have to graduate from Sato's training academy before he would even consider her for an at-arms. Her aunt, after much cajoling and outright begging on her part, had arranged for her to travel with the traders as far as Meldopolis, after that she was on her own. So far the journey had been uneventful and the girl was nearly bored to death, she wished something would happen to relieve the tedium of her travels. Even her hairy comrade, normally a constant source of amusement, had become listless and disinterested, his constant sighs of discontent only made things all the more unbearable. Movement in the sky above caught her eye, but it was only Cendi returning from her latest reconnaissance mission, she was flying faster than usual and screeched a warning as she came in for a landing beside
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