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For this past week, I was an intern for Week 7 of the Harvard Medical School MEDscience Summer Program which offers a total of nine sessions of a week-long summer medical intensives for high school students. 13 students passionate about science, medicine, and healthcare come together from all over the country and even Canada to take advantage of the unique opportunities MEDscience offers. In general, there are very few medical programs in the country gear towards high school students whether it be because of age and education level, laws and hospital policy, or costs. Most of the medicine-related summer programs you can find for high school students are those in which you’d sit in a classroom all day and learn what you could have learned…show more content…
Another aspect of MEDscience that struck me was the people, the staff and guest speakers. Firstly, everyone part of MEDscience, whether it be a year-round instructor or a one-time speaker, has a passion for what they do. Each individual has their own specific field in which they are interested ranging from nursing to pediatrics to marine biology, yet everyone had the shared goal of wanting to teach and inspire the next generation of scientists to find their own passions. The instructors who work with high school kids everyday are not only knowledgable about the material they teach, but also know how to teach it in a way that will be engaging, stimulating, and impactful for teenagers. The speakers and guest lecturers that came in were happy to share their work, research, and advice with students. I had the opportunity to also sit in on these lectures and presentations along with the students and the piece of advice almost everyone gave was to find opportunities early on that allow you to explore many different areas of study so you can find those passions.

In addition to daily lectures from the instructors, the students also learn how to apply that knowledge in their medical simulations with STAN and through their skills-based labs. In these short five days, the students learned way too many skills for me to list at once. On the first day, they learned how to take the five vitals which are heart rate, respiration

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