Essay on Medtronic External and Internal Analysis

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Strategic Audit Project Part II: External and Internal Analysis Paper Medtronic Inc. can easily be compared to le Concorde, a turbojet supersonic passenger airliner first flown in 1976. This jet was more than twice as fast as any other airliner ever created, flying at speeds of up to 1,350 mph. The capability to fly at more than twice the speed of a regular airliner equates to twice the flights and premium prices for this astonishing service. The resulting profitability of le Concorde is what puts this machine at the top of its class. In 1957, Medtronic founder Earl Bakken created Medtronic’s Pacemaker, the first wearable device to treat abnormally slow heart rates. The Pacemaker is now the staple product of Medtronic and can be…show more content…
For example, elderly patients experience a higher occurrence of health issues compared to the aggregate market, driving demand for medical devices upward. In fact, 40% of all patients diagnosed with heart disease or arthritis are 65 or older ( The Medical Device Manufacturing industry is also subject to tight regulations, both domestically and internationally. For example, a new device may require a four-year trial before it appears on the market so that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) can test its long-term effects. Products in Europe, meanwhile, undergo a different regulatory process; products are often introduced in Europe two to four years before they are available for patients in the U.S. Furthermore, compliance with these regulations requires firms to devote significant additional resources, often detracting from investments such as Research and Development. Along with these initial requirements, devices are constantly monitored for defects, which can result in product recalls that damage brand reputation and hurt profits. Globalization trends will certainly continue to have a strong impact on the industry, creating both opportunities and threats. Research shows that exports account for 21.6% of industry revenue with an expected 2010 growth rate of 3.9% ( By developing these export markets, firms can work to maximize capacity utilization as

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