Meet Me Halfway, Milwaukee Stories By Jennifer Morales

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Police brutality and feminism are some of the issues the United States faces today. Police have always been an issue for people to deal with especially for the black community. Numerous African American males have encountered situations where they have been accused of crimes or beaten by the police. Feminism dates back to history where women were discriminated and degraded because of their gender. In today’s society, many of these conflicts still occur today and many prejudicial statements are made to downgrade women as a whole. In the book “Meet Me Halfway; Milwaukee Stories” written by Jennifer Morales, she addresses these two topics that people face everyday. In her book, she states the issues that African Americans face in…show more content…
According to this issue, the headquarters of the BPP in Milwaukee was burned down by the police and many got injured. In this circumstance, Morales also introduces the major topic that the world still faces, police brutality.
Police brutality has been an issue in the United States for decades. Many of the police force today are perceived in a bad way through video footages on social media that displays images of the police brutally beating on citizens to an extent of death. In the article “Police Violence and Citizen Crime Reporting in the Black Community” written by Matthew Desmond, Andrew V. Papachristos, and David S. Kirk, discusses police misconducts causing communities to be an unsafe environment for citizens, especially the black community. Many black men have experienced racial profiling or police brutality in Milwaukee and this continues on to a point where calling 911 for help is no longer a choice for individuals to use due to a publicized case of police violence against a defenseless man, Frank Jude. Jude, as stated in the article, was unarmed, accused, stripped naked, and beaten by the police viciously. This terrifying incident caused many to protest against the police force. Desmond, Papachristos, and Kirk all believed that after this savage case, many residents in Milwaukee, mainly the black community, stop reporting crimes which lasted for a year. In Milwaukee, police violence on black men made an impact on citizens reporting

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