Meeting At Night By Robert Browning

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“Meeting at Night” Imagery Essay
Imagery is figurative language that embellishes poetry. Poets use imagery to convey vivid images in order to appeal sensation. Robert Browning’s poem “Meeting at Night,” uses imagery to suggest that love intensifies the beauty of the world. Although Browning never explicitly states that love affects awareness he demonstrates this concept by describing the narrator’s journey vividly in terms of sense impression. Browning’s use of imagery influences one to share the narrator’s vision of a detailed and amplified world.
Robert Browning 's poem is essentially a narrative of a man who is journeying to meet his lover. Every line in the poem contains striking imagery, for instance, “The grey sea and the long black land/ And the yellow half-moon large and low” (St.1 v.1-2) produces a visual image. The moon brings forth a sense of romance and the fact that it is low on the horizon gives the reader a mysterious impression. The use of the moon, which is considered a heavenly body, also suggests that the narrator’s quest is righteous and divine. Being that the narrator is in love he observes that the sea is grey and that the half-moon is “large and low”. Many people might overlook the features the narrator describes but to him even the most trivial details are significant. Every characteristic on his quest to unite with his lover is amplified due to his love for her. Another interesting form of imagery the narrator conveys is those of “startled little
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