Meeting At The Council Chambers Of The Durham Town Hall Essay

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On Wednesday, October 26th, 2016, I attended the Durham planning board meeting located at the Council Chambers of the Durham Town Hall. The meeting began at 7:00pm and went till 10:05 pm. The planning board members that were present are as follows: Andrew Corrow, Chair, William McGowan, Vice Chair, Barbara Dill, Jim Lawson, Town Council Rep., Lorne Parnell, Paul Rasmussen, Alan Bennett, Council Alternate, Bob Brown, Alternate, Wayne Lewis, Alternate, Michael Behrendt, Town Planner and Victoria Parmele, Minute Taker. Roughly 30 attendees came to the meeting, including citizens with an interest in the community and intention to speak, as well as the general public. The process first began with a call to order, followed by a roll call and then the seating of alternates. There was then an approval of agenda items, a report given by the town planner, reports from the board members, and then the board members opened the floor to public comments, which none were given. Before the issues were addressed there was a review of old minutes, and selection of a new secretary. Following the agenda items, the issues were presented.
David Newhall, who is a perspective lot buyer, brought the first issue to attention, which was asking for approval to construct a driveway, and water and electric utilities for a new single-family house. This new development would occur within the Wetland Conservation Overlay District and this proposal was the final action of this movement. The board members

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