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12-Step Meeting: Buckeye Easy Dose It
Alcoholics Anonymous can help individuals struggling with substance abuse. Low self-esteem in a person has been implicated in the development of alcohol use disorder, and relapse (Donovan, Ingalsbe, Benbow, & Daley, 2013). In this report, I will discuss her experience of visiting an Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meeting at Buckeye Easy Does It (BEDI). I will also present the topic of the meeting, her reaction to the topic, how 12-step can help. The barriers one might experience at the meeting, psychological and emotional impact, and how low self-esteem can affect an individual attending their first AA meeting.
Topic Discussed and Personal Reaction
Sunday, July 10, 2016, I attended an Alcoholic
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Another, aspect, spirituality is not as much a prearranged system, it is a quest and a prolongation of one’s development.
In reference to the term of alcohol and drugs used in the AA meeting. The term of alcohol was used throughout the one-hour meeting, the common themes of its effect; strain on their families and extended families, loss business, not allowed to see their kids. Only one member out of the 50 members spoke on how drugs and alcohol affected his lively hood (BEDI, personal communication, July 10, 2016). How the drugs and alcohol affected his exterior family, and loss close relationship. He empties his soul in front of his member, explaining he lost his company, that he spends 100,000 dollars’ on cocaine instead of paying his bills. When he could not get his drugs, he would turn to alcohol and drinking until he blacks out. The consequence of doing drugs and alcohol has affected his health. Thereby, turning his life upside down, as a result, his parents/friends want nothing to do with him, he is on probation for 5 years, mandated to AA and his family and friends has obtained restraining orders. The most traumatizing emotional roller-coaster, he is homeless (BEDI, personal communication, July 10, 2016).
How 12 Step Meeting Helps
A 12 step group enhances recovery in two ways. Firstly, it offers the alcoholic a way to develop a satisfying life without alcohol,

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