Meeting Challenges of Effective Staffing

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A REPORT ON MEETING THE CHALLENGES OF EFFECTIVE STAFFING (RECTUITMENT SOURCES, TYPES AND CHALLENGES) TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION 3 RECRUITMENT 3 SOURCES OF RECRUITMENT 4 NON TRADITIONAL RECRUITING 5 EXTERNAL VERSUS INTERNAL CANDIDATES 6 RECRUITING PROTECTED CLASSES 6 PLANING THE RECRUITMENT EFFORT 6 CONCLUSION 7 REFERENCES 7 INTRODUCTION Modern organizations are facing tremendous challenges in the process of staffing as they need to streamline the increased knowledge work, competition of applicants, shortage of labor, workforce diversity (Ployhart, 2006). Even though there is a large need for effective staffing practices it is seen that staffing…show more content…
• Formal military – Organizations can also recruit the former soldiers. • Print and radio advertisements – Organizations can use print media such as news papers for regional, national and international searchers or publicize through radio. • Internet advertizing and career sites – Internet and career sites could be used to post the organizations requirement and it could be made available to the job seekers. This source is said to be cheaper and most responsive as there is an access through globally. • Employment agencies – Organizations can use external recruitment agencies (contractors) to recruit and screen applicants. • Temporary workers – This source is also more effective as temporary workers provide employers with flexibility to quickly meet the job demands, this source will also reduce the time and cost of hiring. • College recruiting – Organizations can conduct interviews in the college campus which are generally known as campus selections; this will help organizations to find the required candidate which good knowledge and skills for their organization. • Customers – This is a new technique where in management uses the customers to recruit the employees, as long term customers have much information on the organization so they could refer a right person to the company. NON TRADITIONAL RECRUITING Non traditional recruiting involves recruiting individuals regardless of their
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