Meeting Luisa At The Bank

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Although we were not meeting Luisa at the bank until 11:00 o’clock, we arrived in Marsciano early the next morning to wander around town. From a nearly home-owner’s perspective, we looked at everything anew. Marsciano was going to be our “home town” in Italy, where we would shop, attend community events, the weekly market, dine in restaurants and make new friends. As we did with Johannes, we parked the car near the community elevator and took the lift up to the center of town. We nodded our heads to the locals and bid them Bouna giornata; a Good Day when our eyes met in passing. We window-shopped at the boutiques on the Corso Umberto, surprised by the high quality merchandise for sale in such a humble village. Soon, we saw Luisa…show more content…
How could this possibly be real? Our lunch was even more delicious than the first time and our conversation was also more spirited. We vowed to take Italian lessons as soon as we returned to California. Vince was bound and determined to attend the Deed Signing ceremony in Perugia in May which meant that he would sign on my behalf so that I could accumulate my vacation time off from work for the actual Moving In and Setting Up House in the Fall. I asked Vince to paint each room before and acquire a bed, a table and some chairs during his visit in May so that when I arrived in September we had a place to sleep and the apartment was spic-and-span clean. It was already dark and raining gently when we arrived at the front door of B&B Garibaldi in the early evening. Vince inserted the key into the front door lock, when much to his surprise, he felt the key snap in two as he turned it to unlock the door, leaving the stem in the keyhole. “Oh great! Now what do we do?” Vince said as he pulled the remaining part of the key out of the lock and looked at it bewildered in his hand. “I don’t know” I answered. “David emphatically asked us not to ring the doorbell because his grandmother is always sleeping. Let’s try knocking on the door or calling his name. I believe that’s his balcony.” “I’m not going to yell out his name in the street.” Vince responded. I reminded him that the only people we know were the Real Estate people. “Let’s see if any one is
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