Meeting Needs for Self-Actualization

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Meeting Needs for Self-Actualization Everyone has certain needs that must be met in order to live a happy and fulfilling life. These needs are divided into three specific types which are physical, psychological, and social needs. Abraham Maslow, an expert in human behavior, along with Carl Rogers used these three general types to develop a larger hierarchy of human needs for self-actualization. Even though there is discontentment or unending needs of a person, one 's needs must be satisfied in order for him or her to be happy. People whose needs were met are particularly in good mental health but if a need fails to be met then pathological effects may ensue. Self-actualization is a state that a person reaches in which he or she is…show more content…
In using Maslow 's theory of self actualization and definition of religious experience types (confirming, responsive, ecstatic, and revelational), found no differences between type of religious experience and self actualization. The concern itself is only with the incidence and centrality of a person 's self defined spiritual experience. It is hypothesized that the more people get older the more he or she finds his or her spiritual experience to be a central part of his or her life, the higher they will score on the self-actualization measure. In Maslow’s or in Roger’s philosophy, one can use the hierarchy of needs in a workplace such as in the field of health but will still depend on how the person or the resident will receive it. Most of the elderly patients have reached self-actualization that they are at peace on where they are. They seemed to be resigned to their fate for they know that they are in a state of transition in their life. As a nursing assistant in San Leandro Healthcare Center, one can use this theory in giving care to residents, especially on that state. For the resident’s physical need, a nursing assistant would be able to satisfy it by giving the resident balanced amount of food and water and being sure he or she receives enough sleep. As for the safety needs, the nursing assistant secures the facility, assures safety on staff or other residents and residents on physical restraints. To satisfy
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