Meeting The Challenge Of Change

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Chapter 1: Meeting the Challenge of Change
Pages 1 through 25
● Historically, cities and counties were responsible for basic services such as public safety, libraries, public utilities, public works, and cemeteries.
● As the population has grown and become more urbanized, local services have expanded to include such things as animal control, job training, and community and economic development.
● New layers of government became “superimposed” on existing government leading to 5 problems: 1) increase in the number of general and special purpose local units, 2) lack of uniformity in local government boundaries, 3) service coordination problems, 4) voter confusion and apathy, 5) high taxes and local government spending.
● Need for greater professionalism in local government. Two major forms of professional management became popular:
1. council-manager form: the council and mayor appoint a CEO who serves at the council’s pleasure and has the responsibility for the day to day administrative operations of the government (p.3)
2. administrator form: either mayor or mayor and council appoint a chief administrative officer who serves at the pleasure of the appointing authority (p.3)
The Contemporary Context: How the rules of the game have changed
● New Roles for Citizens
○ Citizens are the owners of government since they elect the officials and hold them accountable
○ Citizens are also clients and customers: sees local government system as a marketplace that offers…
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