Mefecane, Used To Describe The Events In African History

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Mefecane as generally used to describe the events in African history which can be characterised by series of wars and migration (especially the African tribes within the sub-continent of Africa). There are many schools of thought as to why these migrations and wars took place, that is generally known as Mefecane(Wright). There are many schools of thought, based on specific causes for the Mfecane. These schools are known by the cause they argues, the causes are overpopulation, trade, political changes and environmental causes. This essay will however argue that there is no monocasual exsplanation for the Mfecane, but that the Mfecane took place due to all these causes present simitaneasly. Thus will all the monocasual causes be discuased with their flaw, to support the idea that the Mfecane is caused by all these causes present at the same time.
What was Mefecane: History
During the 1820’s the southern area of Africa went through a drastic population growth and radical social and political changes. This period was characterised as period of migration, battles, food deprivation, and suffering
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This explosion in population growth led to excess pressure on the environment which also had an effect on mfecane took place. The reason for this is this led to competition in the few regions left with good ground, thus leading to wars and conquest which opened the door for great leaders like shake to stand out. An example is the war of 1816 that broke out between the Ngwee and Dawned kingdom. This is a good example of what was going on in the 1810-1820’s these two kingdoms were neighbours up until the demand for land increased, and competition, increased which led to a war. “Wars based on resources and land become a pattern as each state wanted enough land and resources door their economic and agricultural resources” (The defecate and its

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