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Meg Guild
31 April 2017
Market Place Essay

Five Key Questions about Macroeconomics Policy The recession in 1974—1975 and two other back to back recessions in 1979—1982, which sent the employment rate to 11%. The inflation rate rose into double digits then plummeted. A period of Great Moderation came after 1985, and the recession of 1990—1991 was more manageable than the previous recession. Unfortunately, this period of tranquility was followed by the Great Recession which caused turmoil in the U.S economy. The consensus that manifested itself during the Great Moderation is called the “Great Moderation consensus”. It incorporates the belief as monetary policy as the main tool of stabilization, with skepticism
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A form of expansionary policy is fiscal policy, which portrays itself in tax cuts, transfer payments, rebates, and increased government spending. Macroeconomists were more against fiscal policy than monetary expansion. Keynesian economists gave fiscal policy a pivotal role in combating recessions. Monetarists contested saying the fiscal policy would be ineffective if the money supply remained constant, as a result, this view point became rare. Now macroeconomists subscribe to the idea that fiscal policy, and monetary policy can aggregate demand curve. They also concur that government should not try to proportion the budget no matter what state the economy is in. They agree that the budget acts as a balancing option to keep the economy stable. The third question, Can Monetary and/or fiscal policy reduce unemployment in the long run? The classical macroeconomists thought the government could not change unemployment. They believed fiscal policy would only cause a short increase in the real output. Classical economists say that in order to decrease unemployment, it is imperative to use supply side policies in order to raise the adaptability of labour markets. The Keynesians thought the complete opposite, they believed that expansionary policies could be effective in maintaining a long term low unemployment rate. Fiscal policy would boost aggregate demand curve, and as a result, would create higher output, thus in the end, producing

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