Meg Whitman Essay

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She delegated important operational tasks to her team of chosen executives, rather than the directors traditionally in charge of certain divisions. Also, she modified HP’s corporate hierarchy to create a chain of command from the top down; in a company accustomed to bottom-up collaboration and teamwork. Carly alienated employees, post-merger layoffs decreased company motivation and her marketing campaigns upset people who were worried about job security and financial loss. Nevertheless, Fiorina doubled HP's revenue as CEO, taking them from the 28th - to 11th-largest company in the United States during her reign.
Hewlett Packard gained an invaluable asset in Meg Whitman, an accomplished CEO with a variety of experiences managing for well-known organizations. She is known as a “transformational leader,” with an emphasis on team building; challenging her employees to improve themselves as well as being forward thinkers, allowing them to solve issues on their own, and seeking individuals who requires little supervision, being careful not to micro-manage. Whitman cared about the employees and gained the respect, trust, and confidence of the HP organization.
She favored a leadership style of teamwork,
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Hewlett and Packard possessed all of these qualities. However, after their death, the company had to be maintained by others like Carly Fiorina. He methods were effective for the profit margin, but failed when it came to managing and maintaining the productivity, attitude and teamwork culture of the organization. Leadership under Meg Whitman was very productive and provided a good balance, which the company needed at that time. The employees appreciated Whitman’s caring and team building attitude, which resulted in the employees enjoying coming to work, production of quality products, increased sales, and customer
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