Meg Whitman and Her Role in Ebay´s Success

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Meg Whitman

Could you imagine the internet without eBay, one of the best online shopping websites ever? Or maybe a really bad eBay? Well you don't have to because Meg Whitman put eBay up on the charts of the best shopping websites. She also helped other places in the business world like Hewlett-Packard [HP]. Meg Whitman has had a life with many moves for her many jobs ever sine high school. Meg Whitman was born August 4th 1956 and was raised in New York. She graduated high school after only three years and was ranked in the top 10 of her class as she says. She went to school at Princeton and Harvard Business School. While in school she wanted to be a doctor but in college switched into economics. Before eBay she worked with many different companies. Included in those companies are Disney, Hasbro and DreamWorks. She has a lot of past work that is not recognized as much as her work with eBay. She imported the tv show Teletubbies to the U.S., bought and sold skype whan she worked with eBay and made the new colorful eBay logo. She also has her own charity. She is still alive today, at age 57 is married and has 2 adult sons. EBay started off as a horrible website some guy made in his living room, so changes were needed. When Meg Whitman joined eBay in 1998 there were 30 employees at eBay. When she left in 2008 there were 15,000 employees. She changed the foundation by dividing it into 23 business categories. EBay was originally named AuctionWeb and the first item sold was a
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