Mega Bloks Operates As A Toy Construction Montreal Based Company

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Mega Bloks operates as a toy construction Montreal-based company. Mission: to nurture creativity in every child and every family. Target group: children of all ages. Product (marketing activities): construction toys. Channels of distribution: retails, including chain stores, specialty stores, distributors, wholesalers, department stores, online retails. Geographical segments: North America and International (approximately 100 countries). Main competitor: Lego.

A. SWOT Analysis: internal environment and marketing mix implications.
• Diverse range of high-quality products recognized for innovation, educational value and endless possibilities for immersive entertainment
Has a wide selection of products for children of the age
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Mega Bloks has an outstanding product development team, and it invests 3-4% of its annual sales to drive innovation.
• Targeted its marketing strategies towards a particular income segmentation that made it affordable for people of different ranges of income
The product quality characteristics, promotions of the product and distribution are chosen to target people in the particular segment. Mega Bloks’ products are cheaper and precision, which is reflected in the lower prices.
• Lacking a competitive advantage against Lego
Construction sets of Mega Bloks are known as “LEGO clone” with lower quality and cheaper prices.
• Substandard website with a limited support
Website does not have an easy access for users. There is no easy navigation for children and their parents that makes it more complicated to find any information about a product
• Mega Bloks doesn’t have direct sales Not possible to order toys via the company’s website directly
• Unattractive label and packaging
Brevity and restraint design demonstrates to consumers the lack of originality, attractiveness and prestige of the brand. According to current users feedback, Mega Bloks’ construction sets don’t have well-organized instructions and packaging for construction details
• Lack of communication with costumers
Costumers cannot responsively share their thoughts and impressions about the products or services
• Recent involvement in lawsuits against

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