Mega Churches Stereotypes

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Scanning the internet the other day was this derogatory article concerning mega churches stereotyped as big business, assessing how thousands of people give huge amounts of money. The article failed to mention how God blesses His people with such huge amounts of money in order for them to return huge amounts of money. Churches need to be big and rich for help people, and when people are helped the church cannot be big enough. The worlds system in its late stages of falling apart will always perpetuate itself in that direction. We have allowed ourselves to be drawn into such a darkened state of confusion we cannot even see the light of day. The world we live in is without fear and understanding of consequences in its manufactured sins, we are…show more content…
She saw an idiot stomping on a US Flag and attempting to burn it and took it away from him and was holding it dear to her heart when the police came and forcibly took it away from her and gave it back to the idiot. What makes it legal for idiots are laws that are supposed to be made by Congress, have begun to be made in court rooms. Courts were designed to interpret the law. Twenty-five years ago a man that was a member of the Communist party burned the American flag and when he was arrested he took the case along with the ACLU to the Supreme Court who made a 5 to 4 decision to repeal the law and declared it as free speech saying that it did not cause or threaten to cause a breach of peace. Congress made seven attempts to overrule the Supreme Court decision regarding the burning of the American flag by passing a constitutional amendment, but was unable to gather the required two-thirds majority. In 1994 it made it through a Republican Congress with the House majority, but the Democratic Senate shot it down. Even President George H Bush Sr. dishonored us by agreeing with the court’s decision. After the San Francisco 49ers allowed quarterback Colin Kaepernick to take a knee during the National Anthem, Mark Cuban told his Dallas Mavericks that it was acceptable to join the protest by
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