Mega Events Like The Olympics And Fifa World Cup

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Mega-Events like the Olympics and FIFA world Cup are both tremendously important and popular today. It is because there are so few, if any, other events that truly inspire international cooperation and unity like they do. If one can imagine these events as a mirrors reflecting back the organization of international politics, the mega -events show a picture of incredible harmony and cooperation (Segrave, 1988). Inherent in that picture of harmony is the opportunity to spread important ideals such as equality, freedom, and democracy throughout the world. In addition “global mega events like the world cup and the Olympics have become incredibly effective tools for reorganizing an economy on neoliberal grounds.” The Olympics in particular has emerged as the premier event in the international community. However, for all its acclaim, the presentation of the games is drastically different from the games of old. Throughout the evolution the intentions of the games has been skewed. As a result, the modern games, as we know them portray an interesting question politically and economically. In this chapter I will discuss the evolution of the Games conceptually, in order to pose the ultimate question; Why host the Olympics? The First Games The first Games of 776 B.C. in Olympia, Greece were a time to celebrate sport and honor their religious deity. In many regards it was considered a cultural festival by which Greek regions and cities sent their finest athletes to compete in
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