Mega Mitchell Research Paper

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One day the richest people in Las Vegas had a baby. They named him Mitchell. Everyone was talking about him, and how they think he’s going to turn up. “He’s going to be a magnificent better”. But Mitchell had a much “bigger” future ahead of him. Mitchell was an average baby. Average sized, average shaped, and acted like a normal baby. Something strange was happening with him as he started to get older though. Every single toy he got was breaking when he played with it. Mitchell also was growing at an alarming rate, his parents couldn’t keep him in a crib for even a week. They started to get nervous, “Why is he growing so quickly” they were saying. One day his parents rented a truck for the day and they drove Mitchell to a park, just so they…show more content…
Except he wasn’t paying to live in the country. The president eventually got disappointed and gave Mega Mitch one last order, big enough that if it would keep him in the country. If not he would have to leave America. This reminded Mega Mitch of when he was in school, but this time, he was really confident. The president said he had 24 hours to find a huge diamond that was about the size of him and make the best art sculpture he would ever make. Mega Mitch knew it was going to be hard enough to find a diamond that size, and even harder to make an art sculpture out of the toughest/hardest material on Earth. He also didn’t have anything to dig with, so he made a giant pickaxe, but it took him a while to make it because it was out of iron. Mega Mitch’s 24 hours was almost up, so he rushed to Arizona where there was a lot of space to dig. He struck the ground with his pickaxe so hard it made a crack in the Earth, creating the Grand Canyon. That strike was so hard that it broke his pickaxe into pieces and he ran out of time. Sadly Mega Mitch was kicked out of America. Before he left he kindly asked the president if he could travel around America to visit the places he’s never been. Some say that while passing South Dakota, punched a huge stone making Mount Rushmore, his final art creation, then left
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