Megabucks Ground Assessment

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Summary: This report will consist of a new design for the 10-acre patch of ground which will be leased to local sports clubs. I have carefully studied the ground and from what I found there is a lot of work to be done to the facilities. In this report I will show you the ideas which I have come up with to make the sports facilities ideal for children, adults and the elderly within a £250,000 budget. After evaluating the sports ground I have decided to replace the broken down wooden fences with high quality metal fences and change the goal posts and nets which are in a poor condition. Also some major parts of the ground needs improving such as the football, netball, hockey, tennis and basketball, therefore a small part of my budget will be…show more content…
The report will also come with an excel spreadsheet showing the details on how the money has been spent. Though at the same time the improvements on the 10-acre patch of ground has to be to a high standard for the safety of the general…show more content…
The falling of the trees is your responsibility therefore it is your duty to remove them from your premises and the beck, therefore this will require an expert, with experience which has dealt with these sorts of situations as they are very dangerous. Another recommendation is concerned with the concrete building, which requires a serious amount of renovation as we also need to remove the asbestos which has contaminated the building. Therefore, the removal of the asbestos is an expert’s duty, as it will be very dangerous for you to remove, as a result I am advising that you come in contact with companies around you which removes asbestos, and after analysing all the detail’s which the companies provides hire the companies according to who has the best experience and completes the job at a low price to a high
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