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One of the most serious problems that China faces today is water pollution. Beijing, Capital of China, just like many other Chinese cities, it is suffering from high levels of water pollution. A report made by the state of environmental agency concluded that the level of pollution in Beijing’s water sources is not safe. Another investigation made by the Environmental Protection Supervision Center of North China shows that the north Canal, which provides water to more than 70% of Beijing’s total population had a level of pollution that is 95 times higher than what is considered safe. “Zhao Feihong”, a water researcher in Beijing healthcare association states that there is in Beijing over 100 rivers, however only two or three of them are…show more content…
New York City water supply, provide over 8 million of its citizens every year with around 390 billion gallons of water from it storages that contain about 550 billion gallons. The rest of its water storages are shared with nearly 1 million citizens from other nearby cities. According to several studies, New York City is also not safe from water scarcity due to changes in climate; in fact New York is one of 11 American cities that are expected to face a water crisis in the few coming years. Water pollution is a problem shared by many mega cities, such as Beijing, Jakarta, and even New York. Water Pollution can affect health, economy, and many more factors. Millions of lives are affected daily by water pollution, and as the population grows, the possibly of new crisis grows too. New laws and effective sewage systems are definitely needed to keep the level of
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