Megahertz Experiment

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Every food that is alive has a vibrational frequency. That means it has an electrical charge to it. I don’t mean electricity light bulb charge (though that is possible) but I mean the energy for all the cells to stay alive. Plants, fruits and vegetables have a frequency of energy. Energy is measured in several ways. One of them is megahertz, and just like your electricity meter outside your house can measure the electricity you use, they have also measured how much electricity certain plants, fruits and vegetables have. Organs in your body consume this energy. For example your brain being the highest consumer of energy in your body, acquires approximately 220 megahertz of energy per hour. If you were to eat chocolate cake all day, that has the vibrational energy of about 4…show more content…
Any form of meat has a maximum (depending on the freshness and when it was killed) of 20-50 megahertz. 50 being eaten as soon as it is killed and obviously the longer, it deteriorates further. An orange for example has the megahertz of about 80, celery has about 70 megahertz, walnuts have approximately 190. One of the fruits with the highest amount of energy is a lemon with approximately over 200 megahertz. Mathematically speaking it makes sense, pure common sense to eat a vast quantity of foods that are alive with foods that are inside them to feed your body because it’s not just your brain requiring energy. It’s your heart, lungs, liver, your digestive system, your kidneys, etc. If you consume a diet such as meat and fast foods and refined carbohydrates like breads, alcohol and smoke cigarettes, how much energy are you going to feed your organs in the long run. As Dr Masaru Emoto has proven, when he has shown positive pictures to water molecules and taking a picture of them, a positive influence makes beautiful patterns on water and negative influences create distorted patterns under the microscope. The same is for music in your body and in your
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