Megan Meer Cyberbullying

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Would you support The Megan Meier Bullying Prevention Act? Individuals should be prosecuted for cyber bullying. The individuals can harm themselves over what the bully has told them. The bully can ruin the victim’s reputation. The 1st Amendment says that we have freedom of speech. Even though some people believe that the 1st Amendment give people the right to speak freely, individuals should be prosecuted because even though the 1st Amendment gives you freedom of speech there is still limits on what they should say.
The victims can harm themselves over what the bully has told them, insulted them, anything. Source 3: fact sheet, states “60% of targets said that their online experiences as a target of cyber bullying affected them at school, home, and with friends, and reported experiencing feelings of frustration, anger, and sadness.” Cyber bullying can affect people in so many ways by harming themselves, etc. In source 1: radio interview, it states, “In 2008, Lori Drew was convicted of violating the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act after creating a fake Myspace account. Assuming the fake identity of a teenage boy, Drew used the account to flirt with, and then later break up with, Megan Meier.” See the bully can not only be someone people have met, it can be people they have never met.
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Source 3: informational article, states “Indeed, the First Amendment id regularly limited legislation in various ways, but this does not make it some sort of nebulous “privilege” such that hurt feelings justify its abridgment. The last time I checked, hurting someone’s feelings-even in real life-never justified criminal prosecution.” People don’t need to be prosecuted if it is over hurt feelings. To prevent the bullying all you need to do is block the person, either their number or social media. If that doesn’t work then tell an adult. The 1st Amendment is what defends the bully not being
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