Megan Norbert On Sexual Violence

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Sexual violence, rape, and inequality have plagued refugee camps across war-torn countries for decades. Women and children are susceptible to sexual violence during times of conflict. Thousands are victims of these crimes and are forever impacted by the effects, both mentally and physically. They rely on international civil servants to help during their time of need, yet there have been many cases where those very civil servants, and international relief workers have been the culprits. < = Good The United Nations and other major humanitarian relief organizations have recently come under fire as many victims have spoken up about being raped or being sexually assaulted in any way. Civil servants, humanitarian workers, peacekeepers, and contractors may seem like the peaceful do-gooders, yet reports by victims have shown otherwise. <= Clear and well articulated thesis…show more content…
(p.54) After this, many testimonies were received about similar incidents. The UN’s office of internal oversight services responded with a report saying that “each part of the enforcement architecture, with distributed roles and partial responsibility, tends to see the others as responsible for performance short falls.”(p.54) Good use of citation This statement made in a UN sexual exploitation and abuse report leaves many questioning the amount of attention paid to ensure that justice is served to the culprits and indemnification to the victims of ill-treatment by the UN staff and other organizations personnel in these camps and
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