Megaphone Monologue

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"Okay that's a wrap y'all," One of the choreographers announced into the most annoying object I've seen in my life. A megaphone. I've been sitting, observing, yawning from the side views of the gymnasium. A wall completely made of mirror was directly in front of the dancers, and supposedly it's there to help with spotting and spacing...other things that wouldn't really concern me. The dancers, sporting glistening sweat that lined their hairlines, were originally planned to practice on a real stage. Judging off of where my feet are located at, you could see we weren't exactly at that part in life. In fact, the stage parts were behind us, supposed to be delivered from a hardware factory where they would build the sets, lighting, and stage lifts. By behind us, I mean they were still at the factory for safety precautions before transferring them. In my hands dangling by the black strap was my professional camera that my father gifted me on my thirteenth birthday. Two years prior to...his death.…show more content…
We rushed to touch up on our makeup, and accessories before I sent a text to Roma. Me: we're coming down now Roma: okay bby, Hanna and Van are riding together so there's room for you too. We both headed from the elevator, and surprisingly enough we had company. And no, not what you were expecting. Harry. Fûcking. Styles was already in the elevator we were about to ring up. Taylor dropped her clutch, and he bent down to get it for her, instead of the glum expression he had earlier, he was smirking at Taylor who was literally frozen in place. "This is yours?" Harry questioned Taylor who was in utter starstruck, I would be lying if I said I wasn't, but Taylor's reaction was too priceless to miss. "Y-yes, thanks Harry." She stuttered, obviously blushing at Harry who bit his lip. I watched him eye Taylor's dress, and he hummed in approval, which sent Taylor's cheeks into a
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