Meharry Medical Education Case Study

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Meharry Medical College is an appealing option for pursuing my medical education. When reading Meharry’s mission statement, improving the health and health care of minorities and underserved areas grasped my attention. I have a fiery passion for serving the Coptic and diverse immigrant community in Nashville, which is underserved and lacks adequate medical access. It is pivotal for me to attend a medical school that shares the same mission and vision as I. What makes Meharry an intriguing option is that I can receive my medical education in Nashville, in the comforts of home. As a result, I will continue to progressively serve the underserved community in Nashville throughout my medical education as Meharry sculpts me into a skilled physician.…show more content…
I applied for medical school during the last application cycle, and was fortunate to receive an interview invite from Meharry on March, 23rd, 2016. Everything about the interview day was phenomenal. Throughout the day, I learned a lot about Meharry and witnessed how passionate and sincere it is concerning its mission and vision. Both of my interviews felt more like a conversation which spoke volumes about how friendly Meharry and its staff are. I enjoyed how enthusiastically interested Dr. Holt was in my research project, and interview with Dr. Austin was so pleasant that that I felt like I made a new friend by interview’s end. In addition, my fellow interviewees were awesome and very welcoming as if we were already classmates. This reflects the type of personalities and characteristics that Meharry values in its student physicians. A student physician body that thrives on supporting each other, thus creating an environment that promotes and merits success. I became ardent about Meharry when I learned of the plethora of service opportunities that Meharry offers to the underserved. For example, the 12 South Clinic is a testament to Meharry staying true to its mission. In fact, I contacted the 12 South Clinic to see if I can volunteer, but I learned that volunteers are strictly Meharry students. The Treatment Access Project II program is also another program that I learned about…show more content…
As one of the larger immigrant communities in the very diverse Nashville area, many Copts seek treatment at Meharry. In addition, Meharry is helping the advancement of the Coptic Christian community in Nashville by admitting many Coptic students to their medical and dental programs. This is something that is greatly appreciated because the Coptic community in Nashville, like many other minority and immigrant groups, suffers from adequate medical access. This shows that Meharry indeed stays true to its mission and heritage by providing opportunities to people who come from disadvantaged backgrounds in the medical field. I am fully committed to Meharry’s mission to overcome the healthcare disparities that exist first in the community, and then regionally and nationally. Attending a medical school that is community-focused and that is service-oriented is what makes Meharry a uniquely good fit. If I receive an interview invite then an acceptance offer, Meharry will be gaining a student that is unquestionably passionate about medicine, highly motivated and ambitious, and that will take full advantage of utilizing all of his resources to succeed in medical
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