Meher Baba Silence Essay

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Having seen Meher Baba’s observations and reasons for his silence through his own words, now one can see some interesting observations made by individuals who were close to Meher Baba in the “Interpretations of Meher Baba Silence” Eruch recalls that very often people used to ask about Meher Baba’s long silence. Most frequented question was when He intended to break it. As if answering to this question, one day in 1954 in answer, He just stopped using His alphabet board and started to communicate by using finger gestures. One day He asked this question: -Why do people shout at one another when they are angry even when the person is sitting beside? When no one could answer properly, He himself answered that, “When a person is angry with another…show more content…
In silence one can get clarity about one’s visions and wishes, one’s patterns of thinking and feeling and how one acts in one’s world. Silence can be a tool which helps one know and experience fully ‘who am I’ and what one’s purpose in life is. In the modern world there is hardly ever complete silence. People also avoid silence and even seem to be afraid of it. There is always some background noise, whether that is traffic, music or a TV. It is difficult for some of us to be in silence because it so clearly brings us face to face with our own identity. This becomes awkward because so often one plays a role and is embarrassed or ashamed to face the real one. One is not in peace with oneself so one tries to keep the mind busy with different kinds of input so that one does not have to think of ‘who am I’. Speech is the biggest consumer of one’s energy, the easiest way of dissipating one energy. When talking one uses a lot more oxygen than when one is in silence. Excessive talking causes energy burnout and mind gets overheated which then in turn has effects on one’s reactions. One becomes angry and impatient due to which one is not able to act calmly, coolly or rationally anymore. Also listening to people who talk a lot takes a lot of
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