Meholic Alcohol Case Study

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Alcohol Use Among Hispanic College Students Along the US/Mexico Border
This study was created to observe and gather knowledge of the alcohol use among Hispanic college students along the US/Mexico border. It was successful with the help of two hundred and ninety-six participants. The hypotheses include, males tend to consume alcohol more often and in more quantity when compared to females. The methods the author used included the two hundred and ninety-six Hispanic college students who took place in this study. The college students would document their drinking behaviors over the time period of 30 days and also complete a measure of acculturation. The results of this study showed that fifty-nine percent of the college students consumed
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The only questions or concerns I had towards the author’s method over this study, I believe there possibly should have been more participants in this study; a wide range of college student consumes alcohol weekly- I believe this could have made it a stronger study and thereby make the research more appealing and less room for any errors; “the margin of error percentage for a sample size of two hundred is 7.1% vs. if the sample study were to have been a size of 500 it goes down to a 4.5%” (Niles, 2006). Although, I do believe this was a good strategy of research and I do no think much error occurred, I would think a bigger sample size could be used for alcohol consumption among college students. Also maybe expanding it not just from the US/Mexico border; I think it would be interesting to make it more broad and in general study alcohol consumption among all college students- which would require a lot more work and research, but I think with the right technology and large amount of people working on a study like this it could easily be successful. It seems that college students are widely affected by the use of alcohol. This case study was definitely intriguing and was successfully managed with successful results; it is just my opinion that it would be cool to add on to this
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