Meiin Kampf : The Holocaust And Dehumanization Of The Holocaust

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Largely dominating the conversation on the Holocaust and concentration camps is the experience which took place in the abhorrent, despicable walls and barbed wire. However, the events that took place to put this “final solution” into motion are just as important if not more, especially if one desires to be watchful of future repetitions of this rhetoric for preventative measures. I would like to argue that unless it can be undoubtedly proven that the general German population was feverishly loyal to the Nazi party, the legitimate governmental dehumanization of Jews was likely facilitated mostly through constant, numbing propaganda campaigns which especially emphasized the battle between the pure and impure, victim and perpetrator, and worthy life and expendable life. These opposite concepts and the tactics used to promote Jewish enemy awareness are reflected in Mein Kampf along with speeches by Joseph Goebbels and Gerhard Wagner, two Nazi notables. Furthermore, I will utilize Michael Foucault’s discourse on biopolitics, particularly his discussion of societal defense, and Giorgio Agamben’s exposition of “homo sacer” to contribute to my analysis of propaganda techniques and rhetoric by utilizing their concepts and applying them directly to the primary sources mentioned. In combining these sources along with other scholarly articles, this analysis will also show that intense fervor and loyalty for the Nazi regime was not the only or main source of support for the legitimized

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