Meijin Javier: The Animatronic Hero

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The crowd was lit up by the appearance of Meijin Javier, the animatronic dragons flames serving to ignite the passion of the crowd, as well as Meijin Bellatrix herself. She looked up to the dragon as it arrived on the scene, though she kept her head straight to give the appearance that she was simply staring at where she knew Javier would eventually be: The place where her opponent would have to stand. She found the dragon to be quite flashy and cool, though the uncomfortableness of her cold metal mask served to keep her lips almost permanently formed into a sort of frown. No one could see her looking around with her eyes, since her mask kept them from sight. A warmer orange light reflecting off of the metal bits of her mask, giving two different…show more content…
Emilie held her Gunpla out before her in another swift motion that caused the appropriate wooshing noises to occur, holding it like that for exactly three seconds before exhaling. Setting the RXF-91 Silhouette Gundam down with authority, the Gunplas feet making audible contact with the GP base as she pointed to her opponent and inhaled. She stared him down for a moment that seemed to last an eternity before speaking in a very loud, commanding tone: Choose, boy. That word came out a bit roughly due to her discomfort from wearing the mask, but she figured it would get the point across. She wanted him to choose the place of battle, given that she was the challenger and he the defender. She moved her hands back to make her cape flow out behind her for a moment, resting her hands on her hips and waiting for Javier's choice. She considered for a moment that she might be coming off as overconfident, but she dismissed the thought. She was just trying to maintain her composure, since a battle like this is typically uncommon, much like Javier's flashy
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