Mein Kampf And The Standover Man Essay

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Through structure, the author then highlights how people can harness the power of words for destructive and negative purposes, and the importance of overcoming them. This is evident in Parts 3 and 4 of the novel in the following chapters, ‘Mein Kampf’ and ‘The Standover Man.’ Liesels understanding of words begins to develop as she is learning to read and write and she begins to witness how words can be used negatively. She understands how powerful Hitler’s words are, with Hitler using them as weapons. In addition, that Hitler 's words are responsible for the destruction of her life as well as millions of others. Mein Kampf is a key symbol of the power of Hitler 's words, becoming a tool to brainwash and alter the way individuals view the…show more content…
It reveals the idea that kind words can overpower cruel words and is an important realization for Liesel as her understanding of the power of words develops. By the characters overpowering the harsh and controlling words of Hitler, the characters are no longer weak and disempowered and by defying Hitler’s lies become resilient and strong against the Nazi regime. The author also illustrates the power of language by showing how words can bring comfort and strength. This message is shown through the structure of the novel in chapters, ‘The Whistler’, and, ‘The Dream Carrier’. In these sections of the novel, Liesel understands how she can use words to comfort others. Liesel is able to harness the power of words, and is able to become resilient and strong, doing so is able to support others and those feelings weakened by the control of the Nazi regime. This is evident after Rosa, her foster mother has been fired from working for Ilsa, wife of a Nazi who nurtures Liesel’s literary interests. Liesel understands that words can hurt, however in an act of defiance, Liesel steals the book ‘The Whistler’. This book becomes a symbol of her strength. Liesel strength is made evident whilst in a bomb shelter where she reads to the other citizens of her community to bring comfort to them. ‘She didn’t dare to look up, but she could feel their frightened eyes hanging as

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