Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler Essay

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Adolf Hitler was a terrible person, he blamed all the Germans problems on the Jews. He tried to overthrow the German government to and he failed and he was sent to prison. His prison sentence was supposesed to last five years long but it only was nine months because he wrote a book called Mein Kampf means "My Struggle". In the book was his plan to help the government with it's problems by blaming the jewish. When he got out of prison he went into politics to get into the German military. He worked his way up through the rankings of the government. He eventually became chancellor of Germany. He wasn't even German he was born in Austria. He became the chancellor in 1933. One thing that got in his way when he was working his way up he was injured twice. The second time he was injured he was blinded for two months when he became unblinded he found out that Germany surrendered in the war they were in that made Hitle furious with rage. When he worked his way up and was where he wanted to be he had a right hand man to help him with his mass genicide. the right hand man's name was Heinrich Himmler.

The Holocaust was a bad event of killing people, about twelve million people to be exact. The amount of jews killed of those twelve million are 6 millon jews killed.The entire Holocaust lasted twelve years long. All those twelve years they had about 15,000 concentration camps where they killed the people up and running. how they chose who to murder was Adolf Hitler made a list, a list…

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