Mein Kaumf by Adolf Hitler Essay

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The Holocaust was a very sad time for millions of people in Europe and U.S. The leader of the Holocaust was Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler was in prison for trying to take over German Government and while he was in there he wrote a book. The book was called "Mein Kaumf", which described his struggle and how he felt the German Government should be ran. After Hitler got out from his short sentance in prison, many people had already read his book which created his power. Hitler felt that Jews were the main problem for all of Germanys struggles and down fall. In 1935 the Nuremberg laws were created. The Nuremberg laws pretty much stripped the Jews of there citizenship. In 1936 the Nuremberg laws slowed down because of the Olympic Games which were being held in Berlin. The reason for them slowing down was becuase with all of the poeple there to watch the games, Germany wanted to look strong and he also wanted to give the Jews false hope.

Once the Holocaust stared to get even worse, the Nazis would go around arrest any Jews or anyone else on the "Undesirable List". The list consisted of Jews, communists, Gypsies, homosexuals, blacks, and acouple others. The Nazis could tell you were Jewish by your last name. They could also look at your birth cirtificate. When a Jewish person or anyone else on the "Undesirable List" were caught they would have taken you to a prison camp or even shot you right on the spot. When you were at a camp, depending on how old you were and your health…

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