Meir Dagan was born in 1945 as Meir Huberman on a train between the USSR and Poland while his

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Meir Dagan was born in 1945 as Meir Huberman on a train between the USSR and Poland while his Polish Jewish parents were escaping the Holocaust to live in the Soviet Union. Dagan and his family lived in the USSR until 1950 when they relocated to Bat Yam, Israel. His family lived in Bat Yam and operated a Laundromat. Dagan studied painting and sculpture at Tel Aviv University. In 1963, as is customary in Israel, Dagan was conscripted into the Israeli Defense Forces at the age of eighteen. Though he was initially set on joining the elite Special Forces deep reconnaissance unit, Sayeret Matkal, Dagan ended up joining the infamous Paratroopers Brigade. Dagan completed his three year compulsory service in 1966, but in 1967 was activated as a…show more content…
Sharon, intent on destroying external threats to Israel, gave Dagan a mandate to hunt down the enemies of Israel abroad. Dagan’s first test came in November 2002 when an Israeli-owned hotel in Nairobi, Kenya was bombed by Al-Qaeda. Dagan deployed his a squad of his elite hit team known as the Kidon to find and kill the perpetrators. Dagan’s team traveled from Kenya to Morocco to Iraq, killing every major member of the terrorist plot at each stop. Following this enormous success, Sharon gave Dagan free rein to eliminate threats to Israel abroad using whatever means necessary. In fact, under Dagan, the Mossad tripled recruitment and used his connections with his allies in the Knesset to increase funding to almost $350 million dollars annually, much of which went from traditional intelligence and analysis to field operations and “special tasks”. Ehud Yatom, member of the Knesset Subcommittee of Secret Services wrote, “… I can say this with complete authority: The Mossad under Meir Dagan has undergone a revolution in terms of organization, intelligence and operations.” Dagan has focused Mossad’s operations almost entirely on two objectives: preemptively neutralizing anti-Israeli terrorists, especially those of Hezbollah and Hamas and sabotaging Iran’s nuclear program. In both cases, according to former Labor Party Chairman, Amram Mitzna, Dagan has proved successful: “Israel is enjoying unprecedented happiness because of Meir.” Dagan retired from his post in 2009
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