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Long ago, before you and I, the sun shone always. There was no night, and the sun always watched over his people smiling no matter the weather. The people were grateful for their everlasting daylight and held festivals for the sun monthly. During these festivals, there were cheerful songs and poems and the people danced in the most beautiful way. But, one of the festivals, the sun vanished and the sky became black. Confused, the people went to their town’s oracle, Ona, for answers. “I see that the sun is lonely. He has left our people to hopelessly search for a bride in the sky.” Ona divined. “Well, what should we do?” the town chief asked, “We need our sun to return.” “We’ll promise him the most beautiful woman in all of the lands.…show more content…
The women dressed her in the scents of sweet orange and lemon and she was carried in a chariot to her wedding. The officiant, a priest of the sun, wed the two in holy matrimony. When the sun heard all of the commotion back on earth, he came back to see what had happened. When he saw Mekone, his bride, he was so overjoyed that he stayed and shone more brightly and brilliantly than he ever had before. The people celebrated and held a seven day festival for his return.
But, one day, the sky went black again.The people in a panic, didn't know what to do. Where had they gone wrong?They went to find Mekone, for maybe she had held the secret to the Sun’s disappearance. When her servants were sent to retrieve her, inside her room they found an empty bed. The townspeople lit their torches to look for the lost Mekone in the dark. They had searched far and wide when all of a sudden, a beautiful blue light illuminated the darkness. The people looked up in awe and understood that the light was the spirit of their lost Mekone. She was finally with the sun, her groom, illuminating the darkness while he lit up the blue skies. They worked together day by
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