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Melatonin is good for sleep - and protection against cancer

Supplements of the natural hormone melatonin has been shown to be effective for people with a late sleep phase. But it is also believed to protect against cancer. "I think many will like to have melatonin only for that reason," says Torbjörn Åkerstedt, sleep researcher and professor of Behavioural Physiology at the Karolinska Institute.

The hormone melatonin is naturally present in the body and play an important role in our daily rhythm. Anyone who has ever traveled across the Atlantic to the United States has certainly got the hint to buy melatonin, to help manage jet lag. In the US, namely melatonin to come by in most grocery stores, and between 20-30 million Americans are estimated
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It has been done in the United States are calling it supplements and released it free instead explains Torbjörn Åkerstedt .

He is very positive effects of the hormone.

- Melatonin is really pretty on improving sleep on those who have a late sleep phase, that is, if you have trouble falling asleep. If you take melatonin several hours before you go to bed it works really well and has a sleep-inducing effect, he says.

But he also sees more benefits.

- It's very nice medium and in addition it is terribly anti-carcinogen, which naturally will make that many will want melatonin by just that reason.

One who has been highly critical of that melatonin may not be sold freely in Sweden's school doctor Bernt Eckerberg . "Why would the MPA deter me and my colleagues to help our students?" He writes in an article from 2008 in Läkartidningen.

"All young people who find it difficult to cope with school because of chronic lack of sleep can not cure their approved even though the documentation for efficacy in delayed sleep phase is far more persuasive than the modest effect on older /.../ No side effects have been detected on young people nor despite decades of free use in the United
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