Melba Patillo Beals: Warriors Don’t Cry Quotes Essay example

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Melba Patillo Beals: Warriors Don’t Cry Quotes 1) Melba Patillo- “Nobody presents you with a handbook when your teething and says ‘Here’s how you must behave as a second class citizen.’ Instead, the humiliating expectations and traditions of segregation creep over you slowly stealing a teaspoonful of your self esteem each day.” (Page 3) 2) Grandma- “… Be patient, our people’s turn will come. You’ll see. Your lifetime will be different from mine. I might not live to see the changes, but you will…oh yes my child, you will” (page 10) 3) Melba Patillo- “I felt such a surge of pride when I thought about how my people had banded together to force a change. It gave me hope that maybe things in Little Rock could change.” (Page 20)…show more content…
To fit in with Andy, I would have to call her a nigger and curse at her so I warned her. I also put my keys on the trunk so she can escape using my car. I was anxious seeing Andy and his boys try to get in the car but thankfully she managed to get away. Hopefully, Andy wont realize that the car she used is mine. I feel like a traitor to my friends and family but how am I going to let her be mistreated? Somehow I am going to help her survive all these plans that Andy and his boys have. We just can’t be seen in public together. -Link Friday After coming home from teaching, I found Melba coming home with a mysterious car. I had no idea who this car belonged to. I started to question her and panic. I was pacing around the room. I finally found out that this was a white boy’s car who seemed to have saved Melba from a boy named Andy. How are we going to trust a white boy? Who knows, he might have only done this because he wants to accuse us of stealing his car. But then I calmed down because if he had gone to the police, I’m sure someone would have already been here to look for it. I started to question how are we going to get his car back to him without letting anybody see us? He couldn’t be seen in our neighborhood and I wouldn’t dare to be seen in his, especially at night. Melba assured me he would call. We heard the phone ring and Melba rushed to pick it up. After their phone
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