Meli Marine Essay

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H A R V A R D B U S I N E S S S C H O O L BRIEF CASES 4426 A f ' K I L 19. 2013 lUCHAJllJ I) HrtML-RMF.SH iiLiNRU YONG Meli Marine It was past midnight, but David Tian, CEO of Singapore-based Meli Marine, could not sleep. The next board meeting was just two weeks away in early February 2008. Edwin Chang, the founder of the company and chairman of the board, had called earlier to hear Tian's assessment of a potential acquisition. "This could be.1 the biggest turning point in Meli's history," Chang had said. "Are we ready to become a global pLiyer?" Tian had to admit that ho had not yet reached a conclusion. The acquisition under consideration was of the vessel assets of an indirect competitor, Teeh-Sah…show more content…
Figure A Container Shipping Value Chain ) Container Delivery > Shipment Origination Key Activities • Ownershtipof containers • Storage find maintenance * Repositioning • Shipmentrouting • Capacity p rue LI re men t • Customerservice, billing, and tracking Competitor types • Manufacturers • Freightforwarders • Leasing companies • Container carriers • Container carriers > Vessef Operations ) Terminal Operations } Inland Delivery • Ownershipof vessel • Maintenance and sailingof vessel • Terminal control and operations • Containerhandling and transshipments • Control of trucks and railroads * Containerhandling and transshipments • Con tamer carriers • Third-party charter companies • Third-party terminal operators • Captive terminal operators • Container carriers • Railroads • TLand drayape truckers • Containercarriers (limited) Industry players varied in their degree of integration across this value chain. For example, China International Marine Containers (CIMC) focused exclusively on manufacturing and leasing containers, and Danaos Shipping owned and leased shipping vessels without operating them. Pureplay freight forwarders such as Expeditors or Schcnker fulfilled a sales and marketing function
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