Melli Snowfall

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Melli Snowfall was the daughter of Seres, the goddess of ice. Her father, Hemi, was a wise man, leader of a town not far from where Mount Olympus stood. Melli was an apprentice of Seres, so she mainly stayed enclosed with the gods, far from the quaint village. Melli’s talents were untamed, and Seres did her best to calm them. It was obvious Melli had snow powers due to the delicate light blue tips that decorated her snowy hair and fell in soft waves down her shoulders. Melli paced in frustration among Mount Olympus, leaving iced footprints where she stepped. Concerned, Seres walked into the room where Melli was. Seres frowned at her daughter, then spoke in a serious tone. “Melli, the gods and goddesses have proposed you take on the responsibility of Winter, since I have some serious business to attend to. If you do well, you may take over Winter eternally. Impress me, my daughter. Show me what you can do.”…show more content…
A demi-god handling a season? That had never been done before! Was she up for the task lurking ahead? Melli began the season. She frosted the lake, the brittle leaves fell off the trees, and the snow covered the ground in a cold, white blanket. The people were chilled to the bone; furious the gods would let a demi-god in training handle a season. Melli watched in despair as people grew angry at each other. One day, Melli went into town, disguised as an innocent
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