Melody B's Micrososystem

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Individual’s Background For this case study, I will be following my roommate and partner, Melody B. Melody and I have lived together for seven months, and we have been together for over a year. Melody B. is a young, hard-working African American woman. She spent her early childhood years in Florida, and then moved to the Cleveland area when her grandfather was in poor health. Melody comes from a working class family. Melody’s father has a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, but he is currently a nurse. Melody’s mother on the other hand, stays at home. Most of her immediate family still resides in the Cleveland area. Melody is twenty-three years old, and has a younger sister and brother, ages 20 and 15 respectively. Melody’s family is…show more content…
Melody’s microstystem is filled with her family, peers, and her church and doctors. Melody’s family is spread all throughout the United States, but she works well to talk with them frequently. She does see her peers at work, however. Although she is not a part of any one church, she is still a Christian and that makes up a big part of her microsystem. Melody’s mesosystem is made up of pretty much the same people. The exosystem then becomes broader. Her exosystem is made up of her extended family, her neighbors, and her parents work environment. These connections do not directly affect Melody, but they can affect those who are close to her, which in turn might affect…show more content…
And she feels the same way. She is extremely intellectual, and her musical talent only adds to her abilities. According to Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences, a person usually falls into one category. Melody, however, can fall into at least two. Melody’s musical talent can easily put her in the musical/rhythmic intelligence group, and her ability to converse and have deep meaningful conversations would identify her in the verbal/linguistic intelligence category. One area where Melody could improve from is the interpersonal intelligence category. Melody’s intelligence sometimes causes problems with this area, because she is determined to always be right. And because I live with her, I sometimes notice her inability to sense other people’s
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