Meltdown At Three Mile Island

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Aaron Hastings PHILOS 1332 11 December 2014 Meltdown at Three Mile Island Intro: March 28, 1979 All relevant people: Metropolitan Edison Company: Victor Stello(nuclear engineer for the plant), Jack Herbein (nuclear engineer for the plant; discussed the issue with the press and basically lied and said that everything was controlled and there was no real danger), Ed Hauser (went into the reactor to check the actual amount of radiation inside of the reactor; result was shocking=100rem/hr, coolant water was not clear and was actually yellow and fizzing with 1250rem), Roger Mattson (another nuclear engineer who butted heads with Victor Stello over how to handle the situation in the plant) Outside of the company: Richard L. Thornburgh…show more content…
This did not mean that the valve had actually performed that action, but rather that the message was received by the valve (History Channel…). The light shut off, which indicated to the operators that the valve had been opened and reclosed, however the valve did not reclose (Wikipedia). The PORV remained open and was releasing a combination of coolant and radioactive material. As coolant water was released, no instrument indicated this to the operators; the operators had only been trained to estimate the amount of water in the reactor by doing calculations based upon pressure readings. These pressure readings were now skewed and thus the calculations were wrong and based upon these wrong calculations, the operators stopped the flow of cooling water to the reactor. The lack of water caused overheating within the reactor and according to the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s findings, about half of the reactor’s core melted. Operators had no way of knowing this and also were not trained to handle such an event. Unlike the event at Chernobyl, the reactor stayed intact and massive amounts of radiation were not leaked into the surrounding area. This containment, led nuclear engineer, Jack Herbein to announce publically that the citizens of Harrisburg were in no danger. Herbein’s comments on the plant were near fraudulent because no one was certain as to the actual danger that they were in
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