Melting Pot Analysis

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This essay aimings to compare and contrast the different between a “Gorgeous Mosaic and a Melting pot” along with three other essays that will be mention later in the text. The end goal is to successfully identify and analysis, what is the culture in the USA and how does it tie in within the topic already mention. In this essay you can also view, the difference between the multicultural societies and its people. This will open up a clear path inside the reality in the American society and the suffering many immigrants, African and Native American need to go through to “fit” within the stenders of the government.

Forcing an individual to fit in within a society is not uncommon; The US does on the daily basic. All to create something that many like to call a “Melting pot or a mosaic”, let's take the story of an Native American child who thought his life wasn't worth much because the government was in favorite of creating a melting pot and make an “ideal” country. The Melting pot is the part that every person things they are willingly giving, but in reality they are forced to give away for the sake of the nation. Sherman Alexie the native american boy who taught himself unworthy because of the circumstances of his birth; fought to make others like Native American children like him understand that even if “ A smart indian was a dangerous person, feared and ridiculed by indians and non-indians alike” it was still better than to stay with a heart full of regrets. A
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