Melting Pot And Mosaic

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Comparing and Contrasting “Melting Pot” and “Gorgeous Mosaic”

What defines a multicultural society and what category does the United States fall within. The idea and topic behind the concept of the “melting Pot” and also “Gorgeous Mosaic.” Among other things this essay will also discuss the similarities and differences within the author’s of “How to Tame a Wild Tongue,” “ The Joy of reading and writing.” how did this two author from different ethics group suffer in many aspects the same dilemma because of our so call “multicultural” society and fought against the assimilation of who they really are.

A Multicultural society. A place where many different nationalities join together and appreciate their uniqueness. One would think is the less cliche version of “everyone joining hands and singing the comballa.” The United States founded solid by almost fully European man is one of the best examples of a multicultural society. Yes that’s what everyone would like to think. Perhaps that was the initial idea when the country started to slowly become less white and more diversity. However this pure unity is an state of illusion created by everyone. According to the definition giving by the Cambridge Dictionary multiculturalism is when “relating to a number of different cultures, esp. to the traditions of people of different religions and races” Does the United States have many different cultures within its land? Yes of course but does everyone acts as if they live in a
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