Melting Pot Essay Examples

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Adam Kanoa Anspach
Mrs. Drown
English Composition 122
27 November 2017

Melting pot

The United states is viewed as a melting pot where cultures and people from all over the world come together and form communities where there cultures and lifestyles intermingle. Whether or not their culture survives the americanization that comes along with moving to the “melting pot” is a different question altogether. Food is one of the main points that allows students to see how integrated the cultures are in their society. Many citizens do not make the connection and realize that many foods that were introduced to this country years and years ago were by immigrants that traveled to many areas and brought their traditions and cuisines from their native countries. Things like lifestyle, religion, practices, food, and other issues also are largely affected by the immigration to the United States.
Most citizens believe that Latino food consists of Taco Bell and are not aware of the rich Latino food options that are available to them in the Richmond Community in California, U.S.A. The reason being that most citizens are not able to tell the difference between Americanized Latino food and authentic. Other examples include things like Panda Express, Rumbi, Pizza Hut, Tokyo Joe’s, and other restaurant chains that indirectly americanize the iconic foods from respective cultures. Many immigrants come,”...looking for better opportunities or need to leave their country due to issues in their
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