Melting Pot In America

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The United States of America used to be known as the world’s largest melting pot. Meaning many different ethnicities and backgrounds coming and living with one another, and sharing each other’s culture. This can also be defined as assimilation. The United States of America has slowly drifted away from assimilation to isolating those who are different and diverse. The United States first became identified as the world’s greatest melting pot after the waves of immigration from Europe and neighbor countries to America. The culture they brought over combining with the culture of the Native Americans and those who previously set up foundations within the Americas.
From my knowledge of previous courses I have taken in the past and sitting in cultural diversity, I have come to realize that at first these different ethnic groups did not originally get along.
They all wanted their own land, wealth, and power. Others occupying the land made their plans more difficult to achieve. However, the different ethnic group came to a realization that they would need to be civil and come together if they wanted to succeed and make their new life better. Once the realization was made, the ethnic groups did not know at the time but the process of assimilation began. They started living in the same areas, working for one another, and figuring out their plan for the future. This allowed the different cultures to interact and mix, which is assimilation.
Different ethnic groups learned about

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