Melting Pot In America

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Is America a “Melting Pot” ?
America will improve little to none in the area of accepting everyone. There will always be that one person who is committing hate crimes, posting racist comments online, or killing people based on religion, race, or place of origin. America is called “the melting pot” for its diversity in cultures and ethnicities, when in reality many Americans view immigrants and or new generations of immigrated families as a liability, especially in the eyes of our current president. This is a leading problem in America, specifically since our country is built upon immigrants. From pilgrims to the Chinese immigrants who used their labor to help build the transcontinental railroad. At first glance, America may seem like an accepting country of all races and cultures, but after a closer look you can see that many Americans disagree and think immigrants are tearing apart the country. They lash out with discrimination and protests to try and banish immigrants from our country, as if they are casting a magic spell. Immigrants are not the problem, but the solution to helping America becoming a better country.
Americans view the mixture of cultures as both negative and positive. Although some americans discriminate against immigrants and new generations of immigrated families. In the article by The New York Times titled “Discrimination Inside the N.Y.P.D” The Editorial Board discusses how the New York Police Department discriminates against their african american

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