Melville Vs. Whiteman's Themes Of Melville And Whitman Contrast

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Melville and Whitman Contrast Any poet’s mode of expression in a poem is set by the theme. White man and Melvine, in their poetry single mindedly aimed on re- echoing the chaos seen on their land during the civil war. The inmost mayhem as the two men tussled with apprehension is evident in each collection.

Whiteman’s true judgment was that the end of all strife and war was to be brought about by universal brotherly love. Every one of his poems manifest this belief. As he consistently acclaimed as the New Eden, that the greatest test for America was the war, and more so when he was filled with doubt as he ministered to the men undergoing dreadful agonies in hospitals , he was convinced beyond doubt that love was the resolution.

On the other hand Melville, handled the dark actuality of human anarchy. Him also, hungered for perfection ,but constantly acknowledged the complications of circumstances of actions like the civil war. His acceptance that every involvement is relative created a war within him since his mind exhibited a path between his intense desire to know the real truth and the hard edged distrust.

Melville’s Poetry Melville’s poem “The March into Virginia” has a well delineated structure and rhyme layout . on the other hand Whiteman’s poem “Beat! Beat! Drums!” is loosely straightened out, moreover it conveys the impression of a metaphorical language and rhythmic replication as poetic norm. As a result of

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