Membership In Fraternities And Sororities

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The decrease in membership in fraternities and sororities has occurred due to negative representation in media and criminal reputations. However, students should join fraternities and sororities because together they can do work for charities, volunteer, and fundraise. Students should also become members to be a part of a group life in which you are essentially guaranteed lifelong friendships and a thriving social life. Although the monetary cost may be high and the superficial representation in media makes fraternity and sorority members look daft and trouble-making, the benefits to membership include helping out communities and being held responsible for your academic and extracurricular activities. The words fraternity and sorority can define any group of men and women that come together to form a club, but the words are well-known for college Greek life organizations. Fraternities and sororities are known for their private imitations and rules, which sometimes can only be learned about by becoming a part of the club. The College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia is known for the first college fraternity. The fraternities developed throughout the late 1700’s as a way for…show more content…
In his work “Fraternities in Decline”, Reisberg mentions hazing as a reason for the drop in memberships. While hazing is a serious concern, there has been a rise in awareness amongst communities as well as policing the initiation processes of fraternities. In fact, most states have enacted anti-hazing laws (Beitman). Fraternities and sororities are known to have a bad reputation due to media. However, not all members participate in reckless, dangerous, or violent behavior. It is simply that out of such a large group there must exist some criminals or people who exhibit unseemly behaviors, but that does not represent the entire
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