Membrane And Connective Tissues And Their Roles

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Unit 5 P2

In this assignment i will be describing Epithelial and connective tissues, the organs where they are found and their roles.

Epithelial tissues; simple cuboidal - The simple cuboidal tissues are, as its name implies, a single layer of cuboid shaped cells with large, spherical central nuclei. The simple cuboidal tissue can be found, lining various ducts and glands, within the walls of the renal tubules, the surface of ovaries, the lining of the urinary system (nephrons) and parts of the thyroid and eye. It lines the ducts and glands in various organs and is adapted for diffusion and secretion. Secretion; because it is found in organs specialised for secretion such as the salivary glands and diffusion; because it is found in the kidney tubules. simple columnar- Columnar cells are long rectangular shaped cells which are longer than they are wider, they are closely joined together to create a colum which is thought to be the reason behind the name. They also contains a nuclei which is found at the base of the cell. They columnar cells are specialised so that they can have a variety of different functions in the tissues which they line this includes sensory, secretion, absorption, propulsion and protection. The columnar cells are sensory because they are found in the lining of the ears,…
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